The Ladybug Loses Her Hat

Have you ever heard it said, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb?

Cheri, a ladybug sat high on a thorny rose bush where she could see everything that happened around her during the day. She loved to watch the other animals and insects as they went about their daily chores. But the sun was hot and it tired her easily. Especially after a long and cold winter like the one she had just endured.

One day Cheri was watching as Ms. Bluejay prepared a nest. She inquired into what it was that Ms. Bluejay was doing?

Ms. Bluejay replied, “I’m making a nest to lay my eggs. I do this every spring.”

As Cheri continued to watch Ms. Bluejay build her nest, a wonderful idea suddenly came upon her. Cheri began gathering together some twigs to make herself a hat. A hat that would shade her from the heat of the sun. “It will have beautiful fresh spring flowers and a brim to keep the sun off of my face.”

Cheri immediately set out to make herself that hat. A hat that would become very dear to her.

The ladybug made the hat and was very pleased with her endeavor. She perched herself high above the ground on her thorny rose bush and proudly displayed it for all to see.

Later that same afternoon a strong wind began to blow. Cheri tried desperately to hold onto the limb she was perched upon. She also tried to hold onto her hat as well, but the wind was just too much for her.

The wind blew and it blew.

Cheri could only watch as her hat slipped from her head and was carried away on the wind. It disappeared far off in the distance. “Oh my! What to do?” Cheri realized the only thing she could do was to go in search of her hat. This would not be an easy task because a ladybug has very tiny legs and Cheri tires quite easily. Soon Cheri set off to find her hat. The hat that she made herself. The hat that was very dear to her.

The first new creature Cheri encountered on her journey was a praying mantis.

“Pardon me,” she asked. “Have you seen my hat? I made it myself. It was very dear to me.”

The praying mantis replied, “I’m sorry to say that I have not seen your hat. But if you would like, I’ll be sure to say a prayer for you that you may find it.”  The praying mantis immediately began to say a prayer that the ladybug might find her hat. Cheri too bowed her head in prayer and then continued on her journey in search of her hat. The hat that she made herself. The hat that was very dear to her.

Cheri was startled when she was suddenly swarmed by a hive of bees.

Ms. Bee Havin’, a feisty queen bee, having only the noblest of intentions was buzzing with enthusiasm. “We heard you lost your hat. We knew that it was very dear to you. Therefore, my drones will search far and near and assist you in finding your hat.” Ms. Bee Havin’ and the swarm of bees disappeared as swiftly as they had appeared. “Why, they didn’t even give me the chance to thank them, said Cheri.” She continued on her journey in search of her hat.

The hat that she made herself.  The hat that was very dear to her.

Way up high in a very tall tree sat Mr. Frog. He had a superb view of everything. Cheri wondered to herself. “Maybe, Mr. Frog knows what became of my hat.” She shouted up to Mr. Frog hoping he could hear her. “Pardon me have you seen my hat? I made it myself. It was very dear to me.” Mr. Frog shouted back, “I’m sorry to say that I have not seen your hat. But if you would like, I could assist you in finding it by offering you a ride on my back?” “Oh, thank you just the same, but a ride from you would be a very bouncy ride and I’m not sure if I would have the strength to hold on.” “I understand. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for that hat. Good day to you Cheri and good luck in finding that hat.”

Cheri continued on her way to search for her hat. That hat that was very dear to her.

Cheri climbed up al hill to get a better view. She looked far and she looked near, but her hat was nowhere to be found. Never before had she realized the world was such a big place. Never before had she felt so small. Cheri grew weary and decided to rest a while before continuing her journey. Cheri sat and contemplated where she should search next. Suddenly the earth began to slowly move beneath her.  Cheri quickly rose to her feet and became aware that she had been resting on the back of a snail. “Oh, I’m terribly sorry. I had no idea! Please, do excuse me.” “That’s quite all right, I don’t mind at all,” said Sally the slow moving snail. Cheri then asked Sally if she had seen her hat? Sally replied, “No, I have not seen your hat, but since you are weary and in need of rest, I’ll offer to give you a ride and assist you in the search for your hat.” Cheri politely declined, realizing that a ride from the snail would take far too long. They said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

Cheri continued to search for her hat and Sally went wherever it is that slow moving snails go.

Cheri then came upon Sammy the sloth who was in slumber and sleep.

She quietly crept past, because she did not want to disturb him.

As Cheri continued on, she came upon an amazing sight. She stood in awe as she watched a black widow spider spin its web.

Cheri asked the spider if she had seen her hat, the hat she made herself, the hat that was very dear to her. But the spider replied she was too busy spinning her web to have noticed.

The spider wished Cheri luck and then continued to frantically spin her web.

Then Cheri stopped and waved hi at a monarch butterfly that happened to pass by.

Cheri began to hear a sound and she wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

At first it was very faint, but as she turned her ears to it, the sound became obvious and a beautiful melody began to take shape.

It was a happy tune that was being hummed by a hummingbird.

An oriole joined in.

It was a beautiful duet. Cheri realized that she was having the time of her life even though she was having no luck finding her hat.

“Oh, my! I almost forgot about my hat!” Cheri realized there was no time to waste.

So off she went in search of her hat.

The hat that she made herself. The hat that was very dear to her.

Finally, the ladybug came upon a vast gulf that separated her from her familiar world and one that none of the other animals or insects had ever traveled into before.

Far, far below she could see her hat sitting in the midst of thistle and thorn.

It was late in the day and the sun was beginning to set. With nightfall soon to come, Cheri had to make a decision. “What shall I do? Shall I continue on? Or shall I return home without my hat?”

Cheri decided to travel through the night. She believed that by morning she should be able to reach her hat.

The hat that she made herself.  The hat that was very dear to her.

After several hours of attempting to reach the valley floor the exhausted ladybug believed she was unable to continue.

She asked aloud, “Isn’t their someone that could help me find my hat?” Then the strangest thing occurred! Something, someone, from somewhere asked the question, “Who?”

Cheri, replied, “Who?” And received an immediate reply. “Yes, who.” Cheri looked up and saw an owl. In amazement she asked, “Who are you?” The owl replied, “Ask not who, ask, if not you, than who?”

Cheri was speechless, so the owl did all the talking. He told her, “Anything in life that you value is worth a great amount of sacrifice to obtain.” Cheri understood and found new strength within her and was now more determined than ever to find her hat. Cheri thanked the owl for his wise words. Cheri took a deep breath and released a heavy sigh and continued on to find her hat. The hat that she made herself. The hat that was very dear to her.

Late into the next day the ladybug finally came upon the place where she had seen her hat that had been lying in thistle and thorn, but it was no where to be seen. It had disappeared.  “A strong wind must have come along and carried it away,” she thought to herself. Cheri had no alternative except to return home, hatless and heartbroken.

The next afternoon Cheri sat upon her thorny rose bush and the sun shined brightly. She yearned for her hat.

Cheri was disappointed that she had lost her hat, but she was very pleased that she had made so many new friends.

The journey home was a long one. Cheri was tired and her tiny feet ached, but not as much as her heart. She dearly missed her hat as the heat of the sun shone down upon her head.

Cheri finally reached her home and curled up in her bed. She quickly fell asleep and dreamed of wearing her hat. The hat that she made herself. The hat that was very dear to her.

Cheri thought about the prayer she shared with the praying mantis.

She remembered her conversations with Ms. Bee Havin’ and Sally the slow moving snail.

She was still in awe about the web the black widow spider had woven and remembered how beautiful the monarch butterfly was as it lightly floated past her.

Cheri realized that at that very moment she was humming the same tune that the hummingbird and the oriole had performed in a duet.

She giggled to herself about having a conversation with Mr. Frog who was had been so high up the sky that she barely noticed him.

Cheri thought about the words of the owl. “Ask not who, ask if not you, then who.”

Cheri held close to her the words that helped to give her strength and to continue on her journey. “Anything in life that you value is worth a great amount of sacrifice to obtain.”

And she wondered why it had to be that way?

Suddenly and without warning the wind began to pick up.

A kite only a moment earlier that was floating proudly in the sky snapped from its string. It disappeared in the distance just as her hat had.

Pollen from the flowers and trees began to blow about and leaves from the trees were pulled from their branches and danced away in the wind.

And once again Cheri held on for dear life.

When the wind finally subsided a tiny object that was way up high in the sky started to fall toward the ground.

Cheri watched as it fell.

It continued to fall.

And would you believe it? Could you believe it?

It was Cheri’s very own hat.

The hat gently glided downward and landed right on top of Cheri’s head.

The wind disappeared as quickly as it came.

Cheri thought to herself, “In like a lion and out like a lamb.” As she realized that the month of March was coming to a close.

Mrs. Bluejay picked a string from her nest and flew over to Cheri and tied her hat tightly around her neck so it would never blow away again.

All the animals and insects had heard that Cheri’s hat was returned to her.

They each made the journey to her thorny rose bush to see it for themselves as Cheri sat on her thorny rose bush proudly displaying it for all to see.

The hat that she made herself.  The hat that was very dear to her.

The End.

© 2015. All rights reserved.


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