Kohana’s Bananas

There’s a cute little girl named Kohana.
Who loved to eat only bananas.
Mother said she, “I haven’t any.”
But, that didn’t satisfy Kohana, because she wanted many!

Kohana went to the market.
She had a great plan!
“I want all of your bananas, give them to me if you can?”
“I have apples, and oranges, and even fine candy…
But, I’m sorry to say, bananas, I haven’t any.”

Kohana them climbed to the top of the mountain.
What a feat!
In search of all the bananas Kohana could eat.
At the top of the mountain Kohana found none.
So off to the ocean Kohana did run.

She swam all of the rivers.
And even the seas.
“I only want bananas.”
“It’s bananas for me!”
Her search in the ocean produced not a one.
No bananas Kohana found.
No not none!

“Where are bananas?” Kohana thought, as she searched through the sky.
“I must find bananas.”
“There’s a good reason why!”
Kohana suddenly developed wings, and then flew to the sun.
Although wanting many bananas, she’d now settle for one.

Soon Kohana would learn bananas didn’t come from the hills.
Eventually she would know they didn’t come from the sea.
Finally, she’d learn that they didn’t come from the sky.
And it wouldn’t be long before she knew the reason why.

Kohana would discover bananas grew from tall trees.
She’d learn of that fact from a smart chimpanzee.
“In the jungle you’ll find all the bananas you seek.”
“In the jungle you’ll stumble upon many banana trees.”

So off Kohana went, bananas she’d find, she believed.
But in the jungle she found only many green leaves.
“Where are my bananas?”
“No bananas for me?”
The tarantula said, “Look closely, and there you will see.”
That bananas aren’t yellow when they sprout as a treat.”
“Bananas are only yellow when Kohana does eat.”

© 2015. All rights reserved.

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