Stack Jones is an award winning writer, photographer, and musician who performs in a wide variety of genres. In contrast to his music Stack’s social, religious, legal and political commentaries are scathing. He tells it like it is, without allowing external influences to mar his perspective.

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Year Of The Horse

He had fought against numerous other males for the right. He had run hundreds of miles across wide-open plains together with her. They grazed together, walked together, raced each other, and remained with the herd, as horses are social creatures that prefer living in groups.

That they had been together for so many generations, that mankind had yet to learn how to capture them, break their spirit, or force them to act as mere beasts of burden was in and of itself a miracle. Mankind felt he had a god-given, god forsaken power, and dominion over the horses, and all other creatures that existed, be it on land, in the air, or in the sea. This was so, simply because an old book they called the good book, which was written by who knows who, said he did. But the horses had never read about such things, nor heard such things, or engaged at all in entertaining such absurd notions. Instinctively, whenever he, and his family came upon the two legged kind, it was off they went, muscles, and sinew straining, racing, off too the foothills, and as far as possible in the opposite direction. For he had witnessed many times, man, men, and their presence, and their cunnery, and vile, and deceptive ways, always resulted in a brother, a cousin, a daughter, or son, stolen away, and never to return.

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Mr. Seldon’s Magical Garden Of Life

Seldom does one enter another person’s world, bringing with it life changing experiences. Mr. Seldon would be that person for me.

I grew up on the northeast corner of my hometown on 174th street in North Miami Beach, Florida. On the northwest corner, on the same side of the street sat an empty house. The place was in disrepair due to years of neglect. It could hardly be called a home. The yard was nothing more than sun burnt, overgrown weeds, with sparse vines that were unsightly.

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The Termination Request

The final, final exam was finally finished. I put down the pen, stood, and turned to go. I walked out of the building, saying my farewells to no one. I entered my old truck which unknown to anyone had been my home for the better part of the past three years. I exited the parking lot, never once looking back at the building I had spent the past four and a half years in. I knew I had passed all of my exams, because after dealing with the process for so long it became both mechanical, and entirely meaningless in determining what exactly it was that the professors were looking for. When it came time to show up for the graduation ceremony, and receive my juris doctorate degree, I didn’t attend. I wanted nothing to do with that part of my life, which was now behind me, for it brought me not one good memory.

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The Employment Application

Tina Louise is a seventeen-year-old high school dropout who was filling out an application for a job she had discovered advertised in the Rialto edition of the San Bernardino Sun. The job was offering a full time position as a dock loader for the newspaper itself. At the bottom of the form there was a limited space to address whether the applicant had ever been arrested/convicted of a crime. She answered, yes! The application also had a space for her to explain what was the situation that led to the conviction. She simply wrote, “not enough space to tell.”

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That Damn Bird!

The old man spent a good portion of his morning clearing away the garbage that was strewn about in his yard. This had become a weekly, no, bi-weekly event as trash was to be carted away each, and every Tuesday, and Friday afternoon. It seemed that any precautionary measures that were resorted to in an attempt to avoid this ongoing dilemma was always countered with a further counter measure. Actually, since those counter measures were always successful, all of the retired man’s counter, counter measures were failures. He failed miserably, and he knew it. Clearly, that damn bird succeeded on each, and every one of those Tuesdays, and Fridays to make the retired plumber look the fool. And he was beginning to feel like one too. Despite all of this, it could not be said that the retired man was one who had an aversion to the ways of nature, and its instinct to survive. In fact, the man cared for animals in general. But, when it came to that particular bird, he hated it, and referred to it as that foul, and feathered foe, or that damn bird.

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The Crazy Woman And The Fiery Snow

Before the astonishing event occurred, nobody had any idea who the woman was, or where she had come from. Even after it was over, the woman remained as much a mysterious as on that day when she first arrived. All they knew, that is to say, the people of the small village, located in the mountains of Yamagata, was that the woman was not from Yamadera. The fact that she wasn’t from that village was easy to ascertain, as all the town’s folk knew each other, and if they didn’t know that woman, then she simply wasn’t from their community.

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Hell Is Highwater

The USS Indianapolis had just completed a secret mission vital to the Allied victory in WWII when a Japanese torpedo turned the cruiser into a fiery coffin, killing hundreds of American sailors and plunging hundreds more into the oily waters of the Pacific.  They expected a swift, routine rescue but what they faced was an ordeal that lasted for five agonizing days.  Navy high command was unaware that one of its own cruisers had been sunk and that the survivors were slowly dying amidst a sun-parched hell of shark attack, madness and dehydration.  By the time the crew was found only 316 men from the original 1196 were barely alive.  This is the story of the USS Indianapolis and the unimaginable horror its men had to endure.  The shameful aftermath, and an official cover-up and the court-martial of the Indianapolis commander Captain Charles McVay III, a third generation high Naval ranking officer and the scapegoat for an unavoidable disaster.  The charges against McVay; “Suffering a vessel to be hazarded through negligence.” (Failing to steer a zigzag course.), and “Culpable inefficiency in the performance of duty” (Failing to make his men abandon ship in time.) This is the true story of Captain Charles B. McVay III and the WWII Cruiser the USS Indianapolis that he commanded and the Indianapolis’ crewmen.

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Mako From The Uninhabited, And Unknown Eighth Island Of Hawaii

Mako was born on the uninhabited, and unknown eighth island of Hawaii. The island is not well known because it’s a great shame to the people of the powerful nation that destroyed it.

Years earlier Mako’s island was inhabited by a happy, and peaceful people. They respected the land, and sang songs of joy, but over time that joy would turn to great sorrow. The invaders from that terrifying, and far off land cared not for peace, nor for joy. They were destructive by nature, and had annihilated the island by fire that rained down from the sky. What kind of beings would destroy one of the world’s most beautiful places? And for what ends?

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The Ladybug Loses Her Hat

Have you ever heard it said, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb?

Cheri, a ladybug sat high on a thorny rose bush where she could see everything that happened around her during the day. She loved to watch the other animals and insects as they went about their daily chores. But the sun was hot and it tired her easily. Especially after a long and cold winter like the one she had just endured.

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